Ria Sarathi is an interdisciplinary designer based in London.
My work focusses on discovering new ways of thinking by exploring the boundaries of design. Instead of only asking the question of “why” there is also the question of “why not?”.

Working with industry-standard tools, the practice aims to be accessible to everyone and be ever-changing. It aims to understand current notions of needs and nurture. Needs, that people as a part of a collective want met and nurture that a collective requires, to live symbiotically with their surroundings.

Being born and raised in Germany while being a second-generation immigrant from India, my work incorporates a multi-facetted perspective, ever-intersecting and ever-clashing.
As different cultures can differ and align, I hope to shed light on the constant confusion and change that creativity can help with. After finishing high school in Cologne, I moved to London pursuing BA Hons in UX Design at London College of Communication at the University of the Arts London.

Taking inspiration from philosophies such as the Derive and the Holomovement, my work aims to be explorative and playful. Creating different user journeys is a key aspect of the work value. Having an education in UX Design, I focus on creating work with and for diverse communities. This involves creating and working through e.g. Landscape Analysis, Diary Studies, Contextual Analysis, Usability Testing and Journey Mapping. Having graduated last year, I am now freelancing and working with other creatives to create work.