Feminity on the Internet
Data Visualisation
User Research
Data Visualisation
User Research   Installation
Expressing one’s identity in any virtual space has always been a delicate play of authenticity and conforming to digital norms. But how does it work with a demographic which has consistently battled with standardised values outside of the realms of a screen?

This project’s aim is to uncover how it feels to express a particular side of oneself: Femininity. Particularly, on multi-media platforms where there is a constant pressure of performance and keeping up. It is important, especially in a time of steadily increasing digitalisation, to talk about one’s experience expressing specific parts of their identity online.

What started as an intimate conversation with loved ones, ended up as an movement which included over 150 people from 23 countries participating in an online workshop/forum which discussed this topic. Some of the participants answered forum questions and others were open to engaging in an interview to talk about their experiences. The aim was to gather as much data and listen to as many stories as possible to create an abstract piece of design.

All participants had similar questions to give answers to, to build parameters of understanding and working with the data in the future.
With this data, a new design concept was developed. Hand dried and aged flowers were used, a stereotypical symbol of femininity, initially looking fragile but meaning diversity. Each flower displays an opinion, a standpoint the user takes on this topic.

The flowers are then sown onto bio-degradable cloth and then stretched out on a wooden frame. Along the sides of the piece there are quotes, memorable sayings the members of the workshop have left that define this project and bring together different opinions, as if sitting together at a table, discussing the very same topic.