Simulator Misguide (Research Film)
User Research   Ethnographic Research
This film was made to explore different ways of psychgeographical self-orientation. This film is produced and contextualised by residents of New Cross and Brockley.

In order to gain a good insight for the research for the project Simulator Misguide ↗ , ethnographic research was conducted to realise how people move in their habitual spaces and how breaking such patterns looks like. This film shows the data collected my local residents via cameras attached to their bodies.

This film acts as a data visualisation. By collecting around 10-15 locals (students from universities around New Cross), different tasks were given to them dealing with ways of moving and orientating in memorised spaces. The intention was to source out experimental (data) patterns. The participants used different methods, intuitional or methodical. All of them had GoPros attached to record the process and verbalised their experiences throughout the film.

This film helped greatly as a middle point for the Simulator Misguide. It informed the project about the methodologies that worked for the game and which did not. It helped build up different systems for different experiences and also gave great inspiration for the visual identity of the project. The most valuable aspect being the participants giving full dedication and helping to realise the projects foundation.