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This website was made for Cologne based artist Preeti Sarathi. This website was designed and created on WordPress.

Her practice is painting based; oil and acrylic. Her work is about "the universal language of art to depict the same through colours, textures and marks". Preeti has artworks spending over decades and different locations that needed a digital showcase and reorganisation.

Preeti Sarathi Website ↗
The idea was to create a minimal archive with two functions: A) show a spectrum of work
B) organise work.

This project represents a better insight into the clients work and combines their vision and values in the digital dimension. The intention was to form a clear hierarchy, the work comes first but is displayed in a unique and modern way. By keeping the colour and type a more submissive part of this project, the layout really took importance. As the client chose Wordpress to work with, I designed a custom template which was then easy for the client to add further work on to.
As the paintings are quite versatile, the identity of the website was meant to be kept quite simple and forward. The colour way is only a brown (a colour often found in the work) for the type and a white background. As for the layout, a different sized grid was created for the layout to give a more eye-catching yet dynamic effect.