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UX Design
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This project’s aim was to develop a hypothetical tool for Spotify users to send music (songs, playlists, podcasts etc.) through the app itself, creating a semi-open chat system. This prototype feature was designed on Adobe XD.

Spotify, a global music streaming platform, provides millions of users around the world to explore, discover and listen to music. You can also share music with other people by sending links to other users via external apps. But how can that tool of distribution be made more efficient and local to Spotify?

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The aim was to create a messaging system located within the app. The important thing of note was that the tool in question was not a fully developed messaging tool like WhatsApp but rather included specific actions you could choose. The reason behind this is to keep the app within its boundaries and intention which is, first and foremost, being a music streaming platform.
For this project a full research report, style guide and user flow was developed to ensure a well rounded and researched project. The report carries an overview on the research collected with mulitple methods e.g. User Interviews , Guerilla Research etc. The style guide includes all the features, icons and layout grids designed for this project.