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This website was made for London-based artist Song Xin. This website was developed and designed on Visual Studio Code.

Their work focusses on "creating interactive wearable installations using self-sourced and repurposed shells, resin, circuits, and fabrics to convey a futuristic yet ancient fantasy aesthetic".
Commissioned in October, this site is meant to showcase the artists work and give an insight into their practice.

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The initial prototypes are made on XD and Figma to test out the compatibility to the screen and make initial design systems.

The idea was to have a narrow body that is elongated by information. Similar to her leading motive, the sword, information was meant to be spread out and found. On the landing page, the sword represents a wayfinder for the projects and the motive keeps reappearing through text-formations. To emphasize the playfulness of the work, different fonts were used.
Working with the client on how the user flow was meant to look like while simultaneously designing the prototype allowed for the design to come together quicker. The use of area and hover-based animations elevated the website to come alive. Additionally, a big system and use file was made for Xin to look over and alter if changes need to be made on the site.